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  • What is Design Capsule Studios, Inc.?"
    Design Capsule Studios, Inc. is an Interior Design, Custom Furniture and AR & VR Company. The company provides resources for independant designers to be able to provide quality and professional services for the clients.
  • What is Future Couch?
    Future Couch is an add-on to the custom furniture service provided by Design Capsule Studios, Inc. It is an app that can be downloaded to iOS devices and can view custom furniture peices in Augmented Reality. NOTE: you will need to sign up on the Future Couch website in order to receive login credentials. The website can be accessed here.
  • What is the difference between 2D, 3D, and AR Package?"
    The difference between these 3 packages is the content. The 2D Package only includes 2-Dimensional drawings of custom furniture designed for the client. The 3D Package includes everyting in the 2D Package plus 3 Dimensional drawings and Photorealistic Renders. The AR Package includes both 2D and 3D packages as well as Access to the Future Couch App where the client can view their cutom furniture in Augmented Reality.
  • What is Augmented Reality?
    Design Capsule Studios, Inc. and Future Couch use Augmented Reality to be able to insert 3D models built with CAD software into reality through and iOS camera lens. To learn more about Augmented Reality click here.
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